November 4, 2013

Vision Board: November

I'm sure you've all heard of the law of attraction. If not, it states that positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative results. In other words, think positively and the universe will listen. Anyway, one way I've heard that helps with this is is the use of vision boards. Making vision boards are not only a fun DIY project but placing it where you would see it every day helps with the positive thinking. My approach to this is making monthly vision boards of things that are inspiring me and things I hope to accomplish within the month. So, below you'll find my November vision board and a brief explanation on each of my goals. I hope this is something that inspires you also and helps you visualize some amazing things!

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One: Blogging blogging blogging. I will definitely be focusing on my blog more and posting much more often. Promise!
Two: I used to run a lot a couple of months ago and suddenly stopped. I've made way too many excuses not to run anymore but now I'm definitely going back at it. P.S. those are my actual running shoes.
Three: This is a great article from Refinery 29 on saving money which I'm horrible at, like horrible.
Four: Flower arrangements. Something I've been wanting to try for a while now. Looking forward to the challenge and I'll probably share my experience on here, IF it all goes well.
Five: Not a bad mantra to live bad right? Major style renovation currently happening.
Six: Something major happened in October so I'm totally clearing out my head and focusing on my future and goals.
Seven: I've been wanting to read Lean In since it came out and I never got around to it. I've heard Sheryl Sandberg talk about it so many times and she states a lot of valid points about women in the workforce. I really look forward to reading it!

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